Creative Makeup for Valentines – White Eyeliner Look

Click to see the white eyeliner look I tried for my Valentines Makeup this year.

Last year I had fun doing a creative makeup look inspired by Valentines Day using hearts. This year I decided to do another creative post but with white eyeliner look. The look was inspired by the picture from my Two Tone Lips post. The white eyeliner was what initially drew me to the makeup in the first place (photo from Alex Evans Photography and makeup by Natalie Ventola ) and the two tone lips were the icing on the cake. I wondered how white eyeliner would look on me and decided to try and recreate the look.


Click to see the outcome of my attempt to recreate this white eyeliner look by Natalie Ventola.

I had trial and error getting this look. Finding a white eyeliner was harder then I thought. I finally found Snowstorm by Boots Natural Collection and thought it was the one.

I tried Snowstorm by Boots in my white eyeliner look. Click to see the look and my thoughts on how it turned out.

The only issue is that it looks white but when you mix it with a sealer/spray/liquid it takes on a purple hue. I think you can see what I mean in this photo. It’s an interesting effect but not the one I was going for, and with a name like Snowstorm I was definitely expecting a colour that was a pure white “snow” effect.

Trying out a white eyeliner look on the blog. Click to see what I used and how I thought it turned out!

I also swatched it on my arm, so you could get a close up look at the difference between the dry swatch and the wet one.

Wet and dry swatches of Snowstorm by Boots Natural Collection for my white eyeliner look. Click to see how the final look turned out!

The other issue being that if I didn’t wet it I could not get the desired look.  I love liquid eyeliner and the look in the original photo was most definitely that type of look.

I did manage to get this picture where the eyeliner looks more or less white due to the lighting.

The Sorbet Sundays (almost) white eyeliner look. Read my post to see what I thought about Snowstorm by Boots Natural Collection.

Although this look didn’t turn out quite as I’d hoped I’m encouraged to definitely try it again with a liner that can give me the opaque look I really want.

I have heard good things about the Urban Decay white eyeliner and Mac Chromaline in Pure White so the next time I try a white eyeliner look I think I may try one of these two.


As a bonus, I kept the white theme going and decided to try an all white nail varnish look.

I used Snowed on my nails to accompany my white eyeliner look. Click to see how the looks turned out!

I got this gel nail colour from Maybelline called Snowed In. I only intended to use it for a French manicure white tip but then I got inspired by the eyeliner and the rest is history.

White nails to accompany my white eyeliner look. Click to see how it turned out!

I built it up with 3 coats so it’s very opaque but that is my favourite kind of look. I was worried I might look like a little girl who played with the tippex but I love it and I’m definitely going to do this look again.