Holding on to Summer – My summertime faves and a new Playlist

Find out the things I'll be doing to keep summer alive in the Sorbet Sundays World

As much as it pains me to say it summer has faded into the distance (insert sad face here)  

But I am an unapologetic summer lover, and I’m not giving up my summer vibes without a fight.

How am I going to do that?  By showing you my favourite summer looks (beauty and accessories) that I will be rocking undeterred by the shorter evenings, greyer looking weather and temperature change.


Lets start with my fave make up look from the all the summer looks I tried.

Without a doubt it has been the Two Tone Lip!  I fell in love with this look that I found on Pintrest

One of Sorbet Sundays fave summer looks from this year. Head to sorbetsundays.com to see my version of this look.


 … and decided to give it a go myself.


My favourite beauty summer look. See what else I'm loving by clicking or head to sorbetsundays.com


Anyone who spent time with me this summer will have seen me rocking the look and the pink and coral pictured here is my favourite colour combination.  Check out my Two Tone Lips Post.  I show how I achieved this look and another version for the less daring make up wearers out there (and is office friendly).


What else am I doing to keep summer afloat?   Rocking super bright colours!

I fell in love with this Forever 21 Yellow handbag when I was in-store, but didn’t buy it straight away.  I did that thing where I told myself, I have no actual need for a yellow handbag, leave it alone.  However, I went home and couldn’t stop thinking about it.   So I went online 2 days later and snapped that bad boy up as soon as I saw it.


Beautiful yellow handbag I got for Summer Looks this year. Head to sorbetsundays.com to see my other favourite summer needs.


Summer Looks for me aren’t just about neon colours combos.  I did a quick D.I.Y project with a sample lipstick I had and I love how it came out.


I did a Rose lipstick DIY for summer looks. Head to sorbetsundays.com to see what else I'm loving.


This colour is a lovely rose and perfect for when I want a super pretty pink lip colour. 

Now I’m not totally irrational, I realise that I have to live in the now and embrace the fact that autumn is here in certain ways.  One of those ways is the good old British weather.  In good news, it means I can bring my hat collection out to play.  Here’s one of my fave beanies. You even can’t get this anymore (I do love a limited edition).


Got my favourite beanie hat out, now that Autumn is here and I have to start letting go of my summer looks!


I’ve also made a new Holding onto Summer Playlist because why not?  It has a nice mix of upbeat tunes to keep my mood up now that the weather has changed, but also some more laid back songs to ease me into the feels of autumn life.

Chung Ha – Why Don’t You Know? It’s just like sunshine in a bottle.

Busy P – Genie – I love French House Music and Ed Banger is right up there for me. I love this song by Busy P and it featured on one of my favourite adverts for 24 Sèvres. An amazing campaign that advertises high fashion with dance, great music and beautiful cinematography.    Check out the 24 Sèvres – ‘Where Fashion Comes to Life’ video here.

Men I Trust – Tailwhip – The vocals, bass-line and DIY look video make my day.

Isadora – Let It Burn – One of those songs that just leaves me feeling optimistic after listening to it.

Chris Wu – July – I think the title says it all!

DEAN – Love (ft. Syd) – Two of my favourite vocalists collaborating and making sillky soulful music for me to enjoy.

I’m going to keep updating this playlist to help me through Autumn and Winter, so don’t forget to check back in with it to see what I’ve added.

Have you embraced autumn life or are you feeling like me, dragged into it and wishing it was summer all over again.