Sorbet Sundays Spring picks

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Spring has sprung, the weather has warmed up and you know what that means?   It’s time to switch up my wardrobe!!   So I’m here with the Sorbet Sundays Spring favourites.  Sharing some of the newness I’ll be rocking this season.


One of my lifelong slogans is: New season: New undies.  Clearly not wanting to disappoint myself, here is a little spring lingerie. How cute is this?


Beautiful bra with the perfect colour for spring and pretty lace detail. Click to see the rest of my spring favourites on

Close up of my beautiful lingerie for spring. Click to see the rest of my spring favourites on

These colours are perfect for spring and summer and the lace is so pretty I’m in full heart eyes mode.


I’ve also been on a bit of a health kick.  Once the mornings and evenings get lighter, and I see actual sunlight, I feel that push to switch from winter hibernating to “hello sunshine, come into my life” type feels.  Leading me to get this new top to workout in.

My new favourite workout top from Forever 21. Click to see the rest of my spring favourites on

This No Excuses Forever 21 top was so inspiring I had to get it.  And I felt that the Maybelline BabyLips Innocent Peach and nail polish in Hot Salsa would match perfectly. And I threw in my Moschino red sunglasses for a little high-end flavor.


Mini bags are my go to and here is one of my favourites.

One of my spring favourites, my beautiful mini bag from This is a Limited Edition.

I keep mine filled with products that I need, so that when I travel I don’t have to worry about anything.  Shower products, hair products, makeup.  It’s the best feeling to be being to just pick up each bag and be ready to go.


And my cone hair band has stepped back into the light.

Cute cone hairband from Mango. Check out some more of my spring accessory favourites in my post.

Close up of my cone hairband I'll be rocking this spring. To see the rest of my spring favourites click here

The cones lift it out of generic hairband territory, but they are small enough in size and number not to overpower the face.


This Forever 21 flamingo necklace is so sweet. I feel like this is going to be my go to accessory for a quick way to lift an outfit to spring status.

My newest go to necklace, this cute Flamingo from Forever 21. Click to check out the rest of my spring favourites.


You know I love a selfie so when I was doing lipstick experiments I ended up with this super bright configuration.

Lilac Neon lip look I got when experimenting with spring lipstick colours. Click to see the rest of my spring favourites.

To get this kind of Neon Lip status I needed a good old Instagram filter over the top, but maybe I can find a way to do this in person without it being too shocking to the eyes.  I do like a challenge!

What are you excited about for spring?  Have you heard of any great new brands/labels I should know about.  Comment or send me a message, I love hearing from you all 🙂