Sorbet Sundays Summer Playlist

Summer playlist by Sorbet Sundays featuring some indie rock, a little k-pop and some soulful vibes to keep you summer happy no matter the weather.

The sun has been shining so as a music loverrrr, I thought I’d share a short summer playlist with you all. Some songs I’ve been listening to already and some that have just dropped made me excited. I’m hype because a couple of my fave bands have dropped some tunes and I know I’ll be singing and dancing and cranking for the rest summer.



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Because I love you all so much, I’ve also linked each song so you can click on the title and be taken to that specific song in the playlist 🙂

Radiohead – Man of War – because Radiohead are one of my favourite bands of all time and this came out recently and it’s like if Radiohead released a James Bond theme song and it’s a match made in heaven.


Phum Viphurit – Long Gone – I’ve only just discovered Phum and when I heard this song playing over a video on Facebook, I immediately had to listen to it again to experience the soulful dreamy feels it provokes.  The vid is great too, filled with early 90’s vibes, I literally had outfits just like the girl!!  Yes the dungerees and the jeans and check shirt tied around my waist combo was a staple for me.  Anyway this song is perfect chill out music and I’m definitely going to be checking out the rest of his music.


NCT 127 – Switch – I’ve been sitting on this for a while. The song came out last summer but I only came across the video when it was released in December 16. It’s an addictive EDM tune with super sweet vocals over the top and it just screams summer and happiness to me.  The video has sunshine, dancing, and water gun fights, what’s not to love!   It’s the perfect three-minute pop song and I’ll be listening to this one a lot.


KARD – Don’t Recall –This tune is so summer friendly I can’t even cope.  They have a tropical house infused sound and it pleases my ear no end. It has an edge to it that nicely juxtaposes with the reggae sound and it’s done so well.  It’s not too much to overwhelm the overall vibe of the song.


Faithless – Why Go feat Estelle – An oldie but a goodie and with all these songs that invoke a nostalgic vibe I thought why not actually add in a song that isn’t current. The video is also a representation of me on public transport the tube etc. While I don’t dance full out like they do in the video I’m always grooving to whatever it is I’m listening to and I love to see other people doing it too!!


Hundreds – What Remains (Prelude) (Penwood Take It Easy Remix) – Another song that was released last year but I wanted to include it. This is one of those tunes that just makes me want to move and gets stuck in my head. I literally cannot listen to it too close to bedtime or it keeps me awake.


Arcade Fire – Electric Blue – Fabulous synth filled pop with a beautiful ethereal vocal. Summery and melancholy at the same time when you listen to the vocals it’s been on repeat for me since it came out.


I wanted to finish up with something chill and who better then Lana Dey Rey.  I don’t think Lana needs much introduction. She’s crafted her gangster Nancy Sinatra persona to perfection and creates beautiful dreamy tunes perfect for the summer. I chose:

Groupie Love feat A$AP Rocky – I have to say I’m not that fussed about the rap but it does fit in with the overall vibe of the song and I dare/challenge you not to sway or feel like stopping for a little daydreaming while listening to this.


Oh and as a bonus I’m including one of my favourite mixes from Braxton to enjoy. I’m a Maison Kitsuné fan and Braxton created this mix for them.


Again if you don’t have the embed click here

It was released last year but there is just something about this mix that keeps me coming back to listen to it. Fifty minutes of beautiful house music that never fails to make me feel like I should be sipping on something poolside with my hands in the air.  So its perfect to lift your mood even if the sun ain’t shining, and if the sun is shining, it’s a great accompaniment to your day.


I hope you are having a great summer so far and that you check out my choices.  Also let me know what your favourite summer songs are.  I love getting recommendations.


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