Happy New Year! So it’s the first month of 2017 and like gazillions of people around the world I have been thinking about what I would like to achieve in 2017 and beyond.  In other words What are my New Year Resolutions?

I really subscribe to the philosophy that if you keep your resolutions simple, you are much more likely to stick with it and be successful! Click To Tweet


I think it really helps if you know yourself, and as the saying goes “Knowledge is Power!”  If you know what you really need to work on, and what actions motivate you to do your best, that really optimises your ability to make it happen.

So without further ado (imagine drumroll please) here are my simple, achievable resolutions for this year.


Pay attention to my health


Last year I decided to take steps to work on my physical wellbeing, and its something that I really want to continue this year.   I really am starting with an easy one.  I’m going to:

Drink more water

I actually really like drinking water… its just that I love coffee more (Kanye shrug)

I think we all know by now the benefits of drinking water and I bought this pretty new water cup back in September to help me get on the  trail.


To help my New Years Resolution to "Drink More Water" I bought a new water cup. Click through to see the rest of my resolutions in my post.

This was my second large water cup and my intention was to always keep them both full thus upping my water intake and allowing me to reach for water easily wherever I am.

What I actually did, was only use the new one mainly because it was new… and pink… and exciting.  What can I say?  I’m only  human!

My tip to try and drink more water, have 2 water cups! See the rest of my New Years resolutions in my latest post

So from now on I will be making more effort to fill both my babies at a time, keeping them and their love story together and my hydration levels up.

Use my jade facial roller

I love my Jade Facial Roller and will be implementing it into my regular skincare routine for my New Years Resolutions. Click to see the my article with the rest of my resolutions!

I bought this because I’d heard great things about what it can do for your skin.  Again I really like it, I just have not been using it regularly.  So this year is the time to start using it every day.  I’m on a mission now to see if does make a difference to my skin and soothe my sinus issues.


When I was younger I dance a lot and last year I realised that I felt totally out of alignment  and started to work on it.  This year I want to continue to working towards my goal.  Lets not forget that when your posture is good you 1. feel good and 2. your clothes look better on you.  Who doesn’t want to look and feel good?  So I will be implementing some more and paying extra attention to my posture throughout the day.  Hmmmmm, maybe the way is to think I have a photographer following me around and know that I always need to be photo ready 😉

Be more consistent

In order to be successful with any of my resolutions, I am going to have to be more consistent about doing them.  How do I do that?

It’s been said that in order to make a something a habit you need to do it consistently for 21 days or more.  I’m going to implement these 3 steps to achieve this.

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Set reminders or have a trigger events/action
  3. If I miss the time/a day,  just do the action when I remember and most importantly don’t be negative with myself.  I don’t want to associate negative feelings with my goals.  I want positive feelings so that I feel good about doing them and keeping them up.

As I said, I’m keeping it simple so a 3 step plan is all I need!

Be more creative

Firstly, I would like to get more creative with the items I already have in my life instead of being seduced into buying new things just because I feel like it.  I’ve been having a clear out and I definitely have some things I forgot I loved and/or  can be transformed into something else.

Secondly, I have not done nearly enough customising/crafts this year and I want that to change too.  I’ve started collecting supplies and I should be ready to roll soon.

Beautiful red crystals i bought as part of my new supplies haul so I can achieve my resolution to "Be more creative". Click to see the rest of my New Years Resolutions.


I love to get creative with my clothing and accessories and have lots of ideas all the time.  Sometimes it doesn’t take much to add a little something to an item. Like these earrings I customised last year.  I did was just enough for me to stop feeling blah about them and see the possibilities of wearing them more.

This year I want to do more customising like these earring I jazzed up as part of my New Years Resolutions. Click through to see the rest of my Resolutions in latest post.


Get ish done

I am a procrastinator.  There I said it!  This may be partly because I love sleeping (lol), and partly because I have a ton of ideas that swim around in my head.  Sometimes I just psych myself out with the thought of getting myself started because of all that prepping and planning needed before you get to the fun stuff.  It often makes me want to leave it for another day.

Or sometimes I am perfectly fine starting, and end up feeling stuck half way through, just before the magic happens.  This year I intend to push through and just GET ISH DONE!

 The Sorbet Sundays quote for 2017 to motivate me. Click here to see this and the rest of my New Years Resolutions.

Jan 1st 2016 I posted a quote where I spoke about the importance of just starting the thing that you want to do and going from there.  I feel that I’ve come full circle, because now I’m going to be concentrating on the importance of finishing said things, once I have started.  I love that sense of satisfaction when something is complete.  So I have a wipe board with a list and a pen waiting to tick them off as I go.  I’m sure this is going to help me have a most productive year.

I would love to hear what everyone is inspired to get done in 2017.  Comment and me know what your plans are!