Glossy Eyes

I tried out the glossy eyes trend and recreated a pink gloss look. See how I recreated this look and the rest of the pics at

I’m back with a makeup look that I’ve wanted to try out for a while. The super trend is to have glossy eyes right now.  Super shiny and glossy eye makeup has been building for a while, but now I’m seeing it everywhere especially all over Instagram and Pintrest.


How do you achieve this look? The method I use here, is in my opinion the quickest and easiest to recreate, and that is to use a coloured lip-gloss.

I had a few different colours in mind, but when I saw this picture on Pintrest I knew it was “THE ONE.”


I instantly wanted to recreate this, so I needed a pink gloss.  I looked at my collection and I had a gloss I hadn’t used it in a long time and I was ready to give it up, but I swatched it and liked what I saw so I decided to go for it.

How to use a pink gloss to recreate the glossy eyes look.

Here’s the swatch.

See how I used this pretty pink lipgloss in my Glossy eyes look.

This colour is no longer available so I won’t name it, but you can pick any gloss that suits your skin tone.

Steps to Glossy Eye perfection!

Step 1: Prepare the eyelids using concealer as a base and a little powder to set it.

Step 2: Add the gloss on top with the applicator (if your gloss is from a pot I recommend using a small brush rather than your fingers as it allows you to control the product much more easily).

Step 3: Add mascara.

It truly is that simple if you are going for an everyday look.


I tried out the Glossy Eyes trend. Come and see how I achieved this look.


The best thing about this is that you don’t have to be too careful if you are only using one colour. It’s nice to have an even top line of gloss but that is probably the only rule to follow.  Truly the gloss is only going to smoosh when you blink anyway.

I tried out the Glossy Eyes trend. See how I achieved this look and what I thought of it.


This is a look that not really going to last all day. To be honest it probably won’t last the morning especially if you have hooded eyelids like I do. But it is a fun look so don’t have to feel like you have to keep your eye make up immaculate and that is a definite bonus in my book. Just top it up as and when you feel like it.

I tried out the Glossy Eyes trend. See how I achieved this look and what I thought of it.


What do you think about the glossy eyes look? Are you planning on trying it?  

As for me, I will definitely be giving this look another go as I’d like to try out different colours.  Its quick and easy, and allows you to look trendy without trying too hard. 

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