Electric Blue Lips – inspired by Aquarius Season

See how I went from royal blue to electric blue lipstick look.

Its Aquarius Season and what better way to celebrate then with an electric blue lipstick look!!!

If you remember my music post about Missy Elliot and her comeback single. I waxed lyrical about my love for her, the song, the wardrobe and the make up especially her blue lipstick. I really wanted to try an electric blue lip like the one in her video.

After getting a lot of love for the bold lips beauty TLFW post I made, I felt even more spurred on to try out electric blue on myself. I was going to do my usual research to find myself an electric blue suitable for me and my skin tone (I do love a project) but I ended up finding a solution quite by accident.

I was clearing out my make up, trying to be strict with myself and happily swatching on the back of my hand, trying to figure out what to get rid of and what to keep. When the happy accident happened in front of my eyes. I’d swatched the NYX blue lipstick not because I was getting rid but just because I love it and couldn’t resist.

How did I turn this lipstick into an electric blue lipstick look? Click here to find out


I swatched this beautiful metallic blue loose eye shadow powder on to the back of my hand next to it 

Used this powder to change my existing blue colour into an electric blue lipstick. Click here to see the final look

I got a little overzealous and the magic happened. There was the colour I knew I wanted, right before my eyes. (queue the old skool garage anthem in my head) so I added some more on top blended it in and I loved it.

I made a new electric blue colour from my royal blue lipstick. Click to see the final electric blue lipstick look on me!


Here I am out and about in the real world with the finished look after they were applied together.  

Love this electric blue lipstick look I made with my existing royal blue colour. Find out how I made the new colour by clicking here.

To achieve this look:

I applied 2 coats of lipstick, blotting after each application.

Then I used a flat brush and pressed the powder evenly over the top until I reached the uniform colour I was looking for.

And here is a colour comparison for you

Click to find out how I got my royal blue lipstick to a brighter electric blue lipstick look!

What do you think? Maybe next time I’ll try out just using the eye shadow mixed with sealant as a lip colour.  I think it’ll create an even more vibrant version of this electric blue lipstick colour!