Easy Christmas Makeup – 3 Simple Looks

Read my Lazy Girl Guide to upgrading your Christmas Makeup look.

So the festive season is upon us (yes I’ve finally stopped holding onto summer with a death grip and have embraced that Christmas is here) and I wanted to post a quick way to get your Christmas makeup look without too much work. Christmas is stressful enough, what with all the shopping, the wrapping, the delivering, the cooking, the socialising it’s a lot. But if you’re like me, you’ll still want to look cute and I’m here to help you achieve this with minimal work.

The key product for this post is Eye shadow! Yes it’s that simple. Eye shadow in festive colours!

Let’s start out with probably the most conventional Christmas colour…Red.

The colour of holly berries and Rudolph’s nose.

Holly berries and Rudolph's nose supply the inspiration to my Christmas Makeup look this year. Click to see how I did it

I’ve used this colour before, you can see it here in my Valentines Makeup and Quirky Valentine Looks posts. Here it is again because I truly like and actually use it.

Illamasqua's Berber Pigment helps me achieve my Christmas Makeup looks. Click to see the look and 2 other I came up with for my Lazy Girl Christmas Looks.

I used my Illamasqua pigment in Berber and added a block of red to my upper lid. I wet the powder before applying (you can either you water or a sealant) and it damps down the sparkle element in the pigment, leaving a lovely solid red. A thin line of black eyeliner over that, some mascara and you are ready to go.


Illamasqua's Berber Pigment as my eyeshadow features in my post showing you 3 quick ways to achieve Christmas Makeup easily. Click to read!


Next up we have green which always gets me thinking of lush Xmas trees and holly leaves at this time of year.

I love wearing green eyeshadow and I always receive complements when I wear it so it had to appear on this post.

For this look I used a Green I had from the Body Shop (I cannot see the shade name) it’s a beautiful forest green with a lot of shimmer to catch the light.

Green inspiration for my Lazy Girl Christmas Makeup looks. Click to see the 3 looks I came up with for the laid back or time constrained this festive season.


I primed my lid with concealer (my shade is M.A.C NW45) added the green all over the lid followed with liquid eyeliner.

Green eyeshadow for one of my Christmas Makeup looks for Lazy Girls (or the time needy). Click to see the other looks.

Underneath my eye I added black kohl pencil for drama and definition and gold on my inner corner/tear duct.

I love silver decorations so including silver eyeshadow was a given.

Silver eyeshadow inspires my Christmas Makeup this year. Click to see the final look and find my other easy looks for the festive season.

This silver is called Strut from Benefit, I got it a while ago and I think its discontinued.  I like it because it has a shimmer that lifts it from looking grey to silver when you actually add it to your eyes. This is a lovely cream eyeshadow (used after I primed with my concealer with you guessed it, M.A.C NW45) and I don’t have to add water or sealant to get a solid coverage it goes straight on.


I used silver eyeshadow as an easy way to get a Christmas Makeup look. Click to see the 2 other colours I used to get my quick and easy Christmas looks.

I used silver eyeshadow as an easy way to get a Christmas Makeup look. Click to see the 2 other colours I used to get my quick and easy Christmas looks.


Do you have favourite ways to upgrade for Xmas? Sparkles? Clothing? Accessories? All of the above?  

Feel free to adapt my lazy girl way to look festive to your own needs and let me know how you do it?