Girl about (London) town April – Part 3 more Apple talk with the boys

Click through to read advice by Jack Hughes about being in Fashion Illustration

Aren’t boys like buses, you wait ages and then they all come along at the same time 😉 So after attending the Travel Photography talk with Allan Edward Hinton, the next Apple store event I succumbed to was with Jack Hughes. If you’re not familiar with the name he’s a fashion illustrator whose work you may […]

Girl about (London) Town part 1 – Birthday Parties

Find out what happened when I attended the first birthday party for Womanthology, a digital magazine & community for women to energise & empower themselves.

I was at the Hoxton Holborn last Monday, attending the first birthday party for Womanthology.  Womanthology is a digital magazine and web based community for women (and men) who aim to energise and empower women in their careers and beyond. It was an amazing evening from start to finish filled with inspiring women.  I met the wonderful […]